What to expect...

In this course, we will be learning all about why gender and diversity is such an important aspect for child care leaders to be aware of.

  • an overview of gender and sexuality

  • gender diversity and acceptance

  • sexuality in our modern day

  • healthy role modeling in childcare leaders

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to our Gender Diversity in a Childcare Setting

    • Course Overview

    • A special message from the Rogers Society team. . .

    • Territory Acknowledgement

  2. 2
    • As Babies

    • As Toddlers

    • As Preschoolers

    • As School-aged

  3. 3
    • Definition of Gender Diversity

    • Gender and Gender Identity

    • The Genderbread Person v3.3

    • The Genderbread Person v3.3 Poster

    • Gender Identity Terms

  4. 4
    • Children Exploring Gender

    • Creating an Encouraging Environment

    • Gender Neutral Terms

  5. 5
    • Definition of Sexuality

    • Appropriate sexual information for Children in a Childcare Setting

  6. 6
    • Appropriate Healthy Gender Modelling to Children in a Childcare Setting

    • Positive Language to Practice in a Childcare Setting

  7. 7
    • You did it!

    • Course Resources


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